Your Immigration Team

Rose-Hermance Rony was born and raised in Haiti but moved to the U.S. as a teenager. She received a bachelor’s degree in history from La Sierra University, a Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction, and a Juris Doctorate from Concordia University. After College, she spent twelve years teaching elementary and middle school. During her years in law school, Ms. Rony focused on advocacy and serving the less fortunate, including starting a Legal Knowledge class for immigrants to learn more about U.S. laws. Rose-Hermance has won several awards, including several Teachers of the Year awards, a Cali award, the Jack MacMahon Pro-bono service impact award, and the Richard C. Field Civility award for her work and professionalism.

Rose-Hermance is passionate about the plights of immigrants and is dedicated to helping them navigate the complex legal system of the United States. Besides serving as the Director and Managing Attorney of FUILS, she is the Chair of the Idaho AILA Chapter and youth representative for the Idaho Conference. Rose-Hermance enjoys reading, dancing, and exploring the world during her free time. Rose-Hermance is experienced in Immigration, Landlord & Tenant, and Contract Law.

Laura Diaz joined the FUILS Team in July 2022. She is a first-generation Latina with a Bachelor of Science in Social Science and an Associate of Arts in Political Science. Laura has community organizing and advocacy roots, especially around matters and issues impacting the Latinx community. She is passionate about social justice and strives for a world liberated from all forms of harm and violence that directly and indirectly impact marginalized populations. When she is not working, she is active in other areas around community organizing and advocacy. Laura participated in and completed the Conservation Voters for Idaho Board and Commissions Fellowship in 2021 and was appointed by the governor to the Idaho Council on Domestic Violence and Victim Assistance in 2021. She has held public speaking events where she has shared her story of domestic violence in hopes of creating more awareness around the struggles people face when in situations of violence.

Laura is passionate about supporting immigrants in need in the community. Laura enjoys spending time with her son. Laura is experienced in Family Petitions, Waivers, DACA, Citizenship, and more.

Guadalupe Corona Ortiz joined FUILS at the Community Council of Idaho in February of 2022 as a Paralegal. She was born in Guanajuato, Mexico, and later moved to Idaho, where she grew up. Guadalupe graduated from the University of Idaho in 2021 with her bachelor’s degree in psychology and minors in Spanish and Pre-Health Studies. While at the University of Idaho, Guadalupe became very involved with many organizations, including the College Assistant Migrant Program (CAMP), her sorority Kappa Delta Chi, the Women’s Center, and TRIO. She plans on attending law school in the future and working more with immigration law. Guadalupe first got involved with the Community Council of Idaho when she began working as a Technical Records Specialist in June 2021. Guadalupe later moved to work as a Paralegal for FUILS.

Guadalupe enjoys working at FUILS, where she is learning so much about immigration, which she is very passionate about because of her immigrant household. She loves being able to give back to her community. Guadalupe is experienced in VAWA, T-Visa, U-Visa, DACA, Citizenship, and more.

Guisela Marquez was born in Mexico and raised in California. She moved to Idaho in 2020. Guisela attended San Diego City College. Guisela has 10+ years of management experience working for major retailers, where she won excellence awards for leadership and sales strategies. Guisela joined FUILS in January 2022 as an Administrative Assistant to help her community, using her management experience. She quickly became passionate about the immigrant community and Immigration Law and wanted to give back more. Within five months of joining the team, she completed many immigration training and was promoted to a full-time paralegal. Guisela has been working in that role since July 2022.

She hopes to continue a career in immigrant advocacy and eventually become a Legal Representative. Guisela also enjoys spending time with her family and doing activities like camping, reading to her four-year-old son, and watching anything Star Wars with her family! Her goal is to improve her corner of the world one case at a time. Guisela is an accredited legal representative experienced in SIJS, Asylum, DACA, Naturalization, U Visa Certification, and much more.

Veronica Garcia Diaz was born in Puerto Rico and arrived with her family in the Continental U.S.  at age five. After graduating high school in Hawaii, she obtained a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Sciences with a minor in Business, emphasizing Accounting and Human Resource Management, from the University of Idaho. Veronica began her legal journey as a Legal Secretary in Burley, ID, moving into the position of Legal Assistant with attorneys in Caldwell, ID. She joined FUILS in March of 2023 as a Paralegal. Veronica is passionate about facilitating opportunities for marginalized members of her community. She finds her purpose in utilizing her life experiences to serve others like her.   

Veronica is excited to serve at FUILS by providing professional resources in areas that matter to her heart. Her goal is to assist in making bridges where we often find obstacles so that collectively we may all achieve our wildest dreams! Immigration Law allows her to grow as a Paralegal while offering her professional experience and expertise to those who need it.   

Paola Hernandez Huante Joined FUILS as a receptionist in August of 2022. She was born and raised in Nampa, Idaho. She graduated from Treasure Valley Leadership Academy, second in her class, in March 2022. Paola has always been passionate about helping those in need. While in school, she would sign up for any opportunity, including distributing food at food banks to help those in need in any capacity she could. Paola believes everyone deserves a chance to be the best in themselves and show people they can do it too. She likes to bring out the opportunity to Hispanic families that despite going through tough times, they are not alone, and there is help. 

At FUILS, Paola continues her philanthropic work by helping Latinos and all immigrant communities. Her goal is to keep supporting others he wants to as much as possible because the leadership academy taught her that we can all be leaders and help those in need. When she is not helping others, she likes many activities like Hiking and camping.

Brandon De Paz joined FUILS as the new Community Outreach Intern for the Summer of 2023. He was raised in New Jersey and is proud of his Dominican and Guatemalan heritage. Brandon earned his undergraduate degree in Communication and Human Resource Management. As a first-generation Latino, Brandon is passionate about advocating for immigrant families to achieve legal status and remain united with their families without fear. Before entering law school, Brandon taught Math in Miami-Dade County public schools, where he had firsthand experience working with students and families struggling to navigate the complex legal system. Brandon began his legal career as a Workers’ Compensation paralegal in New Jersey. He worked alongside licensed attorneys to assist clients, regardless of status, to obtain lost wages due to work injuries.  

Currently, Brandon is a rising 2L at the University of Idaho College of Law, serving as a 2L representative of the law school’s Latino/a Law Caucus and participant in “Know Your Rights” seminars throughout Idaho to help provide resources to families who are experiencing immigration challenges. Brandon is committed and devoted to learning and mastering the skills required to become a promising leader for families in Idaho.