Your Health Matters

2100 Alan St. 

Idaho Falls, Idaho 83404





The Community Family Clinic has been dedicated to creating the right environment for quality and affordable primary healthcare services for individuals and families in Idaho Falls. As a patient centered Medical Home, our bilingual and bicultural staff are dedicated to improving and sustaining the health and well-being of all patients, regardless of their economic situation or ability to pay, race, gender, national origin, preferred language, age, or sexual preference. We have provided more than medical attention by helping with education, counseling, encouragement, and practical help—we have made a difference.

In 2017 alone, we have:

  • served 3,075 patients; 58% uninsured
  • helped 741 families/individuals enroll in health insurance
  • submitted 102 Marketplace applications with clients
  • 2,157 total Marketplace assists


     Our Idaho Falls clinic offers services 60 hours per week, yet still fails to meet demand. UDS Mapper estimates that in 2013 our Idaho Falls Health Clinic achieved a 7.3 penetration of the low income target population. This leaves an estimated 33,315 low-income residents in the area unserved. This is the largest unserved patient population among CC Idaho delivery locations. Over a quarter (27.6%) of adults in the service area are without a source of care.

     In 2018 Idahoans spoke out at the polls and voted to expand medicaid.  The expansion would provide access to preventative health care services for about 62,000 low-income Idaho residents.  In February 2019 the Idaho Supreme Court ruled Medicaid expansion legal, however the battle to provide preventative health care to  low-income Idaho residents is not over as a bill was introduce shortly after the Supreme Court decision.  The bill, if passed, would void Medicaid expansion in Idaho.  With this reluctancy to expand Medicaid, lawmakers are leaving many without insurance and limited options when seeking care. Community Family Clinic provides service to all people, regardless of their ability to pay, including those without insurance or with Medicare or Medicaid. In order to meet the going demand for affordable healthcare options we did our own expanding.


     In 2018 we completed construction The new larger clinic will be able to serve more patients more efficiently. Construction is scheduled to be completed by early summer 2017. The new clinic will allow us to deliver health services to 50% more underserved migrant and seasonal farmworkers, low income, and other disadvantaged individuals and families in the Idaho Falls service area. We will also be able to increase the types and quality of health care services we provide.


     Over half of our patients are uninsured. This new clinic will enable us to increase the delivery of high quality healthcare that addresses the physical and mental well-being of patients through comprehensive primary and preventative health care services. A new facility will enable us to achieve a higher standard of patient care and experience, reduce physician burnout, improve clinical quality measures, and reduce avoidable hospital use and costs. Our Idaho Falls clinic will provide a  valuable safety net of service to underinsured and uninsured patients. The Community Family Clinic has also taken a leadership role in providing enrollment services for those seeking affordable health insurance.